Senior School

Marra win the Years 7-12 Inter-house Swimming Carnival

The Year 7-12 Inter-house Swimming Carnival was held at the Aqua Jetty on Friday 23rd February. The Carnival was also a way of recognising the efforts of many of the students and their achievements in the swimming pool. Congratulations to the Champions and Runner Ups, a summary of these students is attached.

  • 1st Marra - 2460 points
  • 2nd Bilu - 2126 points
  • 3rd Budjar - 2114 points
  • 4th Karla - 1735 points

Marra win the Years 7-12 Inter-house Cross Carnival

On Wednesday 9th May, the College held its Year 7-12 Inter-house Cross Country Carnival. It was a nice warm day, a great day to run. It was good to see everyone get involved not just in the competitive run but also in the fun run. Karla house held a fundraiser for the Salvation Army by having a sausage sizzle, raising much needed funds for people in need.

The results were as follows:

  • 1st Marra - 1120 points
  • 2nd Budjar - 1055 points
  • 3rd Bilu - 925 points
  • 4th Karla - 900 points

Please open the attached to read the Cross Country Report and the list of our Champion and Runner Ups.

Marra win the Years 7-12 Inter-house Athletics Carnival

The 11th August was a cold cloudy day, which some thought was a good day for Athletics enabling us all to cool down after completing our events. The weather was reasonably kind to us throughout the whole day, apart from a few tricky gusts of wind with perfect timing and as we finished the day, it rained. We divided our Year 7-12 into two groups, Years 7-9 and Years 10-12 to make points up for the overall Championship House. The points for this are below:

  • 1st Marra - 5689 points
  • 2nd Budjar - 5192 points
  • 3rd Bilu - 4377 points
  • 4th Karla - 4268 points

Congratulations to the following students who were the carnival Champions and Runner ups.