Sport in the Junior School

In the Junior School the Tranby students get to enjoy a variety of sports. Students are able to compete in various Inter-house and Inter-school sporting carnivals throughout the year.

These include: Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Football, Netball, Hockey and Soccer.

Bilu Win Years 3-6 Inter-house Swimming Carnival

On 16th February  the Year 3-6 students competed in their Inter-house Swimming Carnival. They competed in events such as freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and team relays. The day was a huge success and there was some very tough competition. Everyone walked away with a ribbon whether is was first, second, third or fourth.

In the end the House that won Spud was Budjar. Spud is the spirit dog that is won by the House who cheers the loudest and most often for their swimmers.

Shield winner!

  • Bilu - 2,168 points
  • Karla - 2,154 points
  • Budjar - 2,011 points
  • Marra - 1,939 points

Meisha Garrod and Mia Brearley, Year 6

Congratulations to the following Champions and Runner Ups.

Karla Win Years 3-6 Inter-house Cross Country Carnival

All houses showed excellent enthusiasm and spirit, and did an excellent job of cheering. Students achieved pleasing results from putting in their best efforts, and there were many tired runners at the finish line! Congratulations go to Karla who were awarded SPUD for cheering the loudest!

 Final Scores:

1st Karla - 830 points

2nd Budjar - 826 points

3rd Marra - 778 points

4th Bilu - 776 points

Congratulations to the following Champions and Runner ups, please open the attached.

Karla have another win, in the Years 3-6 Inter-house Athletics Carnival

Congratulations go to Karla the winning house, Budjar who won SPUD the Spirit Dog and the following individuals who achieved top results across the two days. It was fantastic to hear all the support the Houses displayed throughout the entire day.

Final Scores:

1st Karla - 3956 points

2nd Marra - 3920 points

3rd Budjar - 3794 points

4th Bilu - 3665 points