Leukaemia Foundation - The World's Greatest Shave

What an amazing job the 'Tranby Team' did raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation by participating in the 2018 World's Greatest Shave.

Shanae Smith, Eva Turner, Georgia Turner, Karena Peddie, Nathan Kumst, Tom Brearley and Kayden Gaffney bravely volunteered to shave their heads in front of cheering staff and students on Friday 23rd March.  Whilst Alana Mossman, Lauren Mossman and Scarlett Neil coloured their hair with great enthusiasm, along with several members of staff and students. These students funds raised profusely and did an outstanding job.

A huge thank you to hairdresser extraordinaire, Carol Sattell, for giving up your lunch time and coming to the College to shave the students hair. Your support is greatly appreciated.

With donations made online to support the shaving of heads and the colouring of hair, coin collections over the past few weeks and the sale of homemade brownies baked by our students, I am thrilled to announce that the Tranby Community has raised $3080.20. Thank you to students, staff and the greater Tranby Community for your generous support of this very worthy cause.

On 28th March, 11 Tranby students from Years 6-10, under the supervision of Ms Green and Mrs Capewell baked brownies after school in the Food Lab. Students  volunteered to help bake these brownies to raise funds for The Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave charity. Then on 29th March, they were sold during recess and lunch for a gold coin  donation.. It was a giant success; everyone was having a great time baking the brownies, students and staff alike enjoyed eating them and the funds raised are going to an amazing cause. Thank you to all the students and staff who helped us bake and sell the brownies.

Hannah Chen and Alyssara Ducie, Year 10