Year 9 Students weekly visits to Tanby Hall Aged Care

As part of our Service Learning component of the mid-week Tutorial programme, Year 9 students pay weekly visits to Tanby Hall Aged Care Facility in Coollingup. So far, the students have been outstanding in their approach towards the residents and their role as volunteers at Tanby. It has been reported that the Year 9 students who have elected to participate in this activity demonstrate understanding and compassion towards the residents.

They engage in a range of multi generational activities such as puzzles, word searches, board games and more. More importantly, it is a unique opportunity for both parties to learn from each other and share stories. These stories help our students to gain an understanding and appreciation of life in days' of old, while our students offer their modern perspectives on life.

Earlier this term, the Year 9 students had the pleasure of presenting the staff at Tanby with a generous cheque from the proceeds of the 2015 Tranby Day fete. The College was thanked with a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and an eloquently detailed card thanking the students and the wider community for their generosity. It is the intention of Tanby's Lifestyle Coordinator, to use the money to purchase iPads for the residents.