2017 College Prefects

Congratulations to the following students:

College Captains - Daniella Simatos and Harry Stacey

20th Anniversary Captain - Bethany Ogden and Lachlan Stewart

Bilu House Captains - Holly Plackett and Ethan Dobson

Budjar House Captains - Chloe Hewitt and Dion Stroot

Karla House Captains - Tara Kay and Rufaro Nyamukubva

Marra House Captains - Madison Ardern and Reinier Scheepers

Arts Captains - Tanaya Murakami and Rosie Blackburn

Curriculum Captains - Amber Townrow and Connor Cherry

Service Captains - Kiera Griffin and Elyishia Sattell

Sports Captains - Olivia Howarth and Raymond Swarts