Hairspray - the Musical

  • 21 songs
  • 25 scene changes
  • 103 costumes
  • 127 props
  • 186 hours of rehearsal and
  • 217 lighting cues

In Term 3 2015, Hairspray - the Musical was staged at the Heath Ledger Theatre, in Perth. With a record number of audition participants, it was exciting to see all the talented students who were keen to be involved in the show. Rehearsals began in the second week of the school year and ran all the way through to August when the performance season began.

This year's musical showcased our exceptional students, who made up the; cast, orchestra, set design team, publicity group and backstage crew. With rave reviews, Hairspray was undoubtedly one of the College's most successful musicals yet. The planning for our next show is well underway and we look forward to showcasing the exceptional talent we have at the College.


Being cast as lead roles in 'Hairspray' was an experience of a lifetime. With catchy show tunes and a reasonably recent film, the show is a familiar one to all. Throughout the rehearsal process of 'Hairspray', students from Years 7-12 worked together and created some great friendships along the way.

We thank all the teachers involved for the time and effort they put into the musical, which made it such a success. 'Hairspray' was an experience we will never forget but we will hold the memories close to our heart - always.

Henry Fettis and Georgia Harris
Arts Captains

Behind the Scenes

There were many people heavily involved in 'Hairspray' who weren't seen under the spotlight. When Tutorials first started in Term 1, a group of students from Years 7-12 spent many hours painting away to prepare the sets for the show.

For some of us, we were also a part of the backstage crew and it was so rewarding to see the sets we had made, come together on the stage.

Working in both of these groups was a great privilege. I can't begin to describe how much fun it was and I will definitely be signing up to be involved in next years show.

Georgia Green , Year 11