New Fee Structure for 2018

On behalf of the College, I thank all parents for being part of the Tranby community in this our 20th year.

Our birthday present is to turn back time on school fees; to give back, rather than ask for more.

For students in Kindergarten to Year 6, I am pleased to announce that tuition fees will be frozen in 2018. There are no hidden increases in camps or computers or curriculum levies to make up for it. These are real savings for current and future parents.

In the Senior School there are significant changes, where we will introduce a two-tier fee structure.

From the start of next year, Years 7 to 9 tuition fees will be cut by $1000 or 12.5%. Tuition will fall to just $6958 a year.

In Years 10-12, fees will be cut by $500 or 6.3%. Again, there's no hike in other areas like camps or charges - these are real savings passed on to parents.

Our new fee structure signals a new era for Tranby, where an exceptional education is now also exceptional value.

Dr Clayton Massey