2020 Booklists

Booklist information for 2021 is now available.

Please order online at www.campion.com.au  follow their ordering instructions and you will need to use K59B as your code.

The delivery service is FREE for orders placed by Friday 13th December 2019, after this date a delivery charge of up to $17.50 will be charged.

Your Home Delivery Orders will be dispatched the week ending 10th January 2020, if placed before the cut off date of Friday 13th December 2019.

Book Orders can be purchased from either Campion Education retail outlet, 28 Kembla Way, Willetton or 751 Marshall Road, Malaga.

Their contact details are: Phone 08 6240 2778 / Email: wasales@campion.com.au

Sustainable School Shop

If you would like to buy and sell send hand textbooks, please open the following link.