This year everyone has worked hard to produce a fabulous drama production called Hoodwinked which tells the tale of the courageous Robin Hood and his merry gang. The students that took part in Hoodwinked ranged from Years 4 to 6. The auditions were terrifying for everyone and they felt like they wouldn't end, but eventually we were given our roles which were all fantastic. Some of the villagers stood out just as much as the main parts - the amazing standouts were the beautiful Aileigh McKee with her breathtaking voice, the wicked sheriff of Nottingham - Aaron Francis, Maid Marian's ladies and many more! Lots of teachers helped out but three teachers in particular made it all happen; Miss Storry the Junior School Music Coordinator (Director), Mrs Davison (Miss Storry's assistant) and Miss Steele who gave us lots of helpful tips.

Robin Hood, performed by Michael Elliott entertained us all with the help of Little John - Luke Day, Will Scarlet - Coel Garrod, Friar Tuck - Sean Harrington and the uptight, army style leader of the gang - Alexander Ashfield. The sheriff's dim-witted side-kick - Connor Cherry made everyone's sides split. The narrators did brilliantly and had loads of expression - Aileigh Mckee, Monique Murphy, King Richard - Stanley Finch, the jester, the vendor, Town Crier, Announcer, servant, villagers, friars, lords and ladies, the merry men, the contestants in the archery contest, animals, guards, lumberjacks, taxi drivers, the dancers and finally Maid Marian played by myself, all were outstanding with their roles.

All of the costumes were very well done and lots of hard work was put into them. We had some backstage helpers, Ella Bywater, Tim Allen and Kirstie Moody who helped with all of the props and getting things organised. The show was a huge success and everybody loved it! We performed three times at the Koorliny Arts Centre in Kwinana, the first to students in Years 1 to 4, the next two were to family and friends.

Everyone thanks all of the parents and students who put their time and effort into this project with helping with the sets, which was led by Harriet Fettis and Jessica Boyce. Miss Storry, Mrs Davison and Miss Steele don't know how important they are and how much they have guided and helped us throughout this year so we thank them dearly for their help. This show was a great experience for everyone and a priceless heirloom that we can keep with us for the rest of our lives.

Jaymi Evans - Year 6