Tranby College ID and SmartRider Card

All students from Years 7 to 12 will be issued with a Tranby Student ID card on Thursday 3rd March, 2016. This ID card is a Tranby College Proof of Identity and SmartRider card (Perth Transport Authority).

As a result of this card being issued, any SmartRider card the student currently has will cease to operate from 9.00am Wednesday 2nd March 2016. Any credit on the current SmartRider card will automatically be transferred to the new Tranby ID card which will be issued on Thursday morning (3rd March 2016).

As a result any student using TransPerth public transport on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning will need to have money for the fare. They will receive a concession fare if they are in school uniform.

This card will need to be with the student whilst they are present at the College as it will be used for Library borrowing, signing in and out from the College, photocopier authentication and for purchases from the Canteen.

Students Leaving

Students who leave the College will need to return their Tranby College ID card prior to leaving. A replacement SmartRider card will need to be applied for prior to leaving. For further information on credit transfer to a new SmartRider card, please contact TransPerth on 13 62 13.

Canteen Information

How to get started:
• Sign up by completing the registration form
• Receive a confirmation email with activation link and activate your account
• Log on, add your child/children and credit to your account
• Go to students tab, select student, add your student Smartrider number and update
• Transfer money from main account to Student card (this is important)