Tranby Childcare

The Tranby College Childcare Centre is an active part of the Rockingham Parish of the Uniting Church. In Keeping with the Uniting Church's commitment to being inclusive, the centre welcomes and supports all children and their families.

Medical Condition Policy

The centre first gained its accreditation in 1999 and cares for children from 6 weeks to 5 years. As well as being a resource for families who have children in the school, it is available to families who have no connection with Tranby. It operates from 7:00am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday, throughout the year with just a short break over Christmas and New Year.

The centre's staff are very experienced and extremely nurturing people. With these traits at the centre, you will receive high quality care for your child/ren.

You are welcome to come and visit the centre and we look forward to meeting you.

Kindergarten students who have half day school sessions can be booked into Child Care for times when they are not in school.

Before School Care and After School Care is available to school children up to12 years of age. This is administered through the Child Care Centre and runs from 7:00am - 8:30am and 3:10pm - 6:00pm.

Details about the services of the Centre are available by contacting the Director on 9524 2396.

Childcare Centre Staff


Lisa Smith - Nominated Supervisor for OSHC and Long Day Care

Assistant Director

Suzanne Gillam (Supervising Officer)

Administration Officer

Michelle McCook

Food Co-ordinator

Catherine Carley

Diploma Qualified Educators

Kerry Fairclough (Supervising Officer, Educational Leader)

Felicity Rayner (Supervising Officer, QIP)

Sonia Hall (Supervising Officer)

Anita Asker (Supervising Officer)

Helena Kemp (Supervising Officer)

Melissa Lings

Blythe Carter

Educators Working toward Diploma Qualified

Cathryn Waardenburg

Certificate III Educators

Mandy Sainsbury

Lisa Godfrey (also holds Certificate IV)

Sheila Ballagher

Chloe Bell

Sandra Rando

Taylor Jones

Shari George

Early Childhood Teacher

Adonia Marelli

Working Toward Certificate III

Victoria Evans

Rufaro Nyamukubva

Out of School Care Educational Leader

Blythe Carter (Supervising Officer)

Cathryn Waardenburg (Supervising Officer)

Out of School Care Educators

Kersha Rowbotham (Supervising Officer)

Bethany Toy (Supervising Officer)

Shari George

Jack Fairclough

Out of School Care Junior Educators

Adam Fairclough