Visual Art

Visual Art students have the opportunity to work creatively in a stimulating learning environment. They are encouraged at all levels to create original and exciting artwork and to develop their own ideas. Within their artwork students express their feelings and their own individuality as well as achieving a high level of skill in handling a wide range of media in both two and three dimensions. Through incremental degrees of complexity students are introduced and become familiar with a body of artistic knowledge, skills, principles and vocabulary. The atmosphere in the art room encourages creativity and innovation, with an emphasis on respecting their own and others work. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and their achievements are evaluated, challenged and appraised with enthusiasm and honesty.

Co-curricular Opportunities

There are many co-curricular opportunities available to students in the Visual Arts. These include set design/painting for the Arts Productions in both the Junior and Senior Schools. During tutorials a Community Art Group have designed murals and worked alongside artists to create sculptures. In Year 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to take part in a biannual excursion to Melbourne. There are many other opportunities throughout the year for students to get involved in the Visual Arts.

Years 7 - 10

In the middle year's students have art for two lessons a week and focus on developing their art making skills. They experience working in different art media such as drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media, with a focus on developing and refining their skills. Students are introduced to art and design terminology and they use this to analyse and understand their own and others work. In developing their ideas, students look at specific artists and art movements. In Years 9 and 10 there becomes a greater emphasis on responding to artworks through analysis and investigation.

Throughout the year students are assessed on a body of work which includes; a sketchbook, final artworks and written assessments and are encouraged to work with creativity, innovation and independently to develop their ideas.

Years 11 and 12

In Year 11 and 12 students have art for four lessons a week and can select from Visual Art ATAR or complete a Certificate II in Visual Arts.

Students are challenged to develop their ideas by becoming critical thinkers who connect their art making and respond to produce innovative artworks. They focus on a more specific studio practice to develop their own artistic style. Through a body of work, they are assessed on their creativity and innovation, communication of ideas, use of visual language, use of media and their skills and processes. Students are encouraged to develop their skills and demonstrate commitment to produce artworks of a high standard.