Tranby College Structure

Tranby College is an independent school that operates under the auspices of the Uniting Church in Australia, Western Australian Synod.

Its leadership structures are as follows:

Governance and Leadership

Tranby College Board ensures the sustainability of the College through visionary, strategic governance that challenges, resources and empowers the Principal and staff to achieve the mission.

The Executive of the College works with all members of the College Community to fulfill the mission.

Our leadership is open and collaborative, informed and ethical, visionary and strategic.

A copy of the Tranby College Constitution is attached for your information.


The values that guide our practices are:

Personal mastery: Encouraging, challenging and supporting ourselves to be the best we can be.

Breadth and depth of learning: Our focus is robust learning that is intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic.

Respect: Treating ourselves, others, our community and the environment with high regard and consideration.

Integrity: Discerning what is right and what is wrong for our community and acting upon this understanding.

Service: Standing alongside others and being prepared to encourage, support and empower.

Our professional learning community, through the structure shown below, define a landscape for questioning, identifying and formulating continuous improvement. The Board and the Principal have developed the overarching aims for our future. The Teaching and Learning Council are the implementers of the components in actioning the Strategic Plan for our College. It acknowledges how important the factors of wellbeing, curriculum design, objectives, assessments and reporting are.

Board: responsible for strategic governance

Principal: responsible for development strategy

Executive: responsible for managing strategy

Teaching & Learning Council: responsible for implementing strategy

Teachers/Mentors: responsible for operational delivery of strategy

2021 College Board Members

Currently these positions of responsibility belong to:

Board Chair

Dr Susan Roberts

Deputy Chair

Ms Pip Rundle


Mr Craig D'cruz

Mrs Clare Riley

Mr Tim McIntyre

Prof (Dr) Martin Samy

Ms Catherine Walker


College Principal - Ms Peggy Mahy

Business Manager - Mr John Lazzaro

Associate Principal - Mrs Emily Goforth

Executive Officer - Mrs Christine Calver

A Childcare Centre also operates at the College, adjacent to the Early Learning Building. As well as being a resource for families who have children in the school, it is available to families who have no connection with Tranby. The Centre is managed by a Director, Mrs Robyn Johnston, the contact number is 08 9524 2396.